What happened to you was not your fault.
You deserve to know that you are not alone.
You deserve to be heard.
You have the capacity to make change.

What happened to you was not your fault.
You deserve to know that you are not alone.

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We'll fight sexual assault by adding your report to the map and analyzing its contents for outreach and awareness campaigns.

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WE made this app to provide a resource for survivors of sexual assault to anonymously share data that can help others avoid dangerous areas and help us all see the reality of rape culture. We believe visibility is critical to drive change. We also think survivors deserve a discussion of sexual assualt realities for our courts, law enforcement, and public services that eliminates victim shaming.

assaults reported

of children under 18

Survivors built this.

WE are AnnieCannons, a team of developers, professionals, and survivors of human trafficking committed to ending human trafficking through the strategic use of technology. We are collaborating with other groups that collect sexual assault data, including at U.S. colleges.

Survivors change things.

YOU are not alone. Millions of survivors of sexual assault, domestic abuse, and human trafficking tragically believe they are alone. You can join a community acting for political changes against rape culture to find support or join community actions towards political change.


Let's not do this alone.

We collect only enough information to contact you to ask what and how you prefer to become involved. Some of San Francisco's best developers have joined us to secure this information and protect your identity. If you have anonymous, aggregate data to add to our map, please reach us at